In the era of streaming, Indie Stream has solved the problems of distribution for Independent filmmakers worldwide. Indie Stream welcomes films off all kinds, from small projects all the way to Hollywood films that haven’t found a home to showcase all of the hard work and dedication that went into completing these projects.
Indie Stream is a platform that was created to breathe life back into the creative art of telling stories on film.

As a true one of a kind online streaming service film distributor, Indie Stream offers a way to make you as a Filmmaker or Producer real world profit from your artistic creations.

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Meet the Team Behind Indie Stream Inc.

Madic Montague - President  CO-CEO
President, Founder and CO-CEO of Indie Stream Inc, a streaming service for all Independent film makers world wide. Prior to Indie Stream Inc,
Madic was CEO of Prophecy Films, a film production company that has produced several projects as well as one series that was shown on channel 20 Detroit. Before joining Prophecy films inc, Madic was a Senior Analyst for Advanced Innovations and Intelligence Inc, Madic was responsible for gathering statistics and research information as well as implementing these finding in lab testing and reporting. Madic has attended The Silver State Academy as well as many trade schools to study Business marketing and computer science as well as attended Film School where he studied Video production, Film Marketing, Advanced Film making and Directing.

Frank Powers Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Powers is one of Indie Stream’s greatest assets with over twenty years of experience in the workforce, ranging from military service to marketing and film.
Frank’s unrivaled leadership skills accompanied by his detail-oriented nature, make him a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Frank exemplifies professionalism and has an uncanny ability to manage multiple projects at any given time. Frank Powers brings 10 years of experience in legal and business administration, and he has been recognized for superb procurement/ project management expertise, keen analytical abilities, and decision making skills under pressure resulting in mass productivity.
Frank is an Actor, Director and Producer of twelve projects including TV series and feature films on Amazon Prime. Frank has acted in 33 productions, six of which he directed.
Some notable films are, The Avengers, Sicario, The Magnificent Seven, Twelve strong, The Book of Eli and his personal project, Brothers James:Retribution, set to release this summer. He has also stared in dozens of commercials.

Howard Levine is Vice President and co-founder of Indie Stream.

A native of metro Detroit, Howard attended the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor where he studied computer science and film/video. He has a passion for innovating and working with emerging technology, and brings to Indie Stream 25 years of experience working in indie film production and digital video engineering.

Elizabeth Morici - Chief Operations Officer

Elizabeth Morici is a graduate of Oakland University where she studied Business Administration and Management. Elizabeth has 16+ years of experience streamlining processes and inspiring teams while managing complex, time-sensitive, confidential projects. Elizabeths’ unique background crosses industry boundaries—automotive, media, health care, legal, publishing, and technology. Elizabeths’ professional experience ranges from providing legal guidance and administrative expertise for companies in adult beverage, cosmetics, entertainment and media, health care, publishing, technology, and other fields, as well as developing and sustaining relationships which paved the way for new business with non-automotive clients, such as a technology firm and real estate developer. 

Angel Matheson is Secretary and VP of Content Creation, Worldwide, for Indie Stream. 

She has been working in the Independent film market for 10 years.  Angel’s career began managing her actor/model daughter.  The two spent a year in LA where she and her daughter auditioned and worked on multiple projects.  Angel spent considerable time in workshops, acting classes and networking to learn more about all areas of the film business.  Quickly she was drawn to the production side of film and took on her first project,  an award winning short drama, “Consequences.” Angel has spent much of her time working to help others succeed in the film industry by helping them get their projects on the big screen.  She has recently worked on projects such as “Ring of Silence,” “Cemetery Stories,” “Agents” and “Joe versus Joe.”  She produced, director and hosted a YouTube talk show, “Angel’s Table,” a show designed to give a voice to everyday citizens on current topics in the news.  Angel is owner of her own production company, Matheson Productions LLC,  which is currently in development on several feature films. 

In her years before Film, Angel was dedicated to volunteer work.  She spent ten years with Festival of Trees which is a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital of Michigan.  Angel was on the board for five of the ten years and served as both a designer of trees and an administrator.  This position gave her the ability to use her creative energies while also developing her business skills.  What drives Angel is her passion for film and her desire to help others succeed in their film careers.