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Consequences, award winning short film, (Michigan made).

An autistic son is one more burden to a father whose sole goal is money to feed his unwholesome habits. Dad formulates a wicked plan to have his son mistakenly killed by zealous police. As dad watches, the police close on the innocent.
Timothy John Bates Jr.
Parker Dawson Frye.
Jamie LeClaire.
Daniel Jeffries.
Jassin Hakim.
Jeffery Geralds.
Sarah Montgomery

Writer: Richard Russell
DP: Patrick Elliot.
Editor: Stan Bridges.
Music: Todd Maki
Lighting: Howard Levine.
Clorist: Nick Lindridge
Sound Operator: Mike Hostettler.
1st A.C.: Jon Singhoffer
2nd A.C.: Greg Johnson
1st A.D.: Parker Matheson.
Hair/Makeup: Sullivan Matheson & Josephine Cece-Teatro.
Custome/Set Design: Tessa Hawkes.
Set Director: Aida Munoz.
Craft: Kathy Sparkman.
Storyboard Artist: Kaylin Mahoney
Crane Operator: Rafal Yono

Producer/Executive producer: Angel Matheson.
Director/Producer/Executive Producer: Nabil Nona